Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the one where i talk about myself for like forever

Remember that award I got, like, a week and a half ago? Welp, I'm finally finishing up the fill-out-the-survey-and-pass-it-on part of the the process. So, without further ado.

The Super Panda Comments Award!

The Rules:
1. Thank person who nominated you. [Check. Totally did that in the afore-linked post.]
2. Copy the award. Paste it in your blog. [Check. Did it twice, in fact.]
3. Link to the person who gave me this award. [Check, but I'll do it again for good measure: Heather's awesome. Go read her blog, stat.]
4. Answer the 10 questions that come with the award. [In progress. See below.]
5. Nominate of few of your favorite bloggers for the award. ['Bout to happen, fool!]

Angel from Nerd Angel (who is my soul brother in nerdiness!)
Julie from Roads Are Made By Traveling (whose comments always make me smile!)
Angela from High On Life (who is my blog fairy godmother!)

And now, THE MEME. AKA the best part. AKA this took me two days to fill out. AKA ok I'll get on with it.

1. Why do you blog?
Because it's part of me. I've been blogging in some capacity since I was fourteen, in a bunch of different locations. At this point, chronicling my life on the Internet is not so much something I choose to do, but instead more like a compulsion. I couldn't stop if I tried.

2. What are your 3 best memories?
In recent memory: Scotty and Jewel's wedding. So many amazing things happened that weekend, so many friendships were made and re-kindled and so many grievances were aired and forgiven, and there was an abundance of amazing food and there was so much booze and so much laughter.
From my childhood: The summer that my aunt, uncle, and three older cousins from the Philippines came to stay with us for two months. If memory serves me right, it was like a party every day. There was always someone to talk to, something to talk about. I cite this summer as the reason that I love to be surrounded by friends and family and have sort of a phobia of loneliness and solitude.
Ever: Biking with my friend Katie in the Aran Islands in Ireland. The beginning of the bike trail was uphill, and so the second leg of the trail was all downhill, and I decided to tackle the last hill by just letting gravity take me all the way to the end. I don't want to make too big of a deal out of it but suffice to say that I'd been through a very hard year, and I really needed to feel like life as I knew it had a point, and that one amazing ride down that very scary hill basically saved me from spiraling into depression.

3. If you had to change your real name what would you change it to?
In high school one of my friends used to call me "Keiko," after the actress who plays Lane on Gilmore Girls. It got so widespread that kids from younger grades actually thought my name was Keiko. I actually think it suits my personality pretty well!

4. What are five things you can't live without?
I assume that "food and water" don't count, nor do "a car," "sleep," or "oxygen." Even though that would be the truth. Hmm... let's see.
- Books. This is quite literal. Yeah, I read to enrich my mind and to be moved and stuff, but I also rely on books to put me to sleep at night. The few times I've been without a book at bedtime, I tossed and turned almost the whole night. Without books, I wouldn't sleep, and without sleep, I would probably die. I think that's how it works.
- My glasses. I'm insanely nearsighted. I can't see very far at all. If glasses suddenly stopped existing, I'd probably last about five minutes before I fell down the stairs and broke my neck.
- Music. I know this is a cliche, and so I almost didn't include it, but then I imagined what my world would be like without music. And that is a really scary thought.
- Social interaction. I get really weird and sad if I spend too much time by myself. I do like some time to myself to recharge and clear my head, but most of the time I just want to be with my friends.
- Sunscreen. ::jumps onto soapbox:: Every. One. Should Wear. Sunscreen. End of story. ::jumps off soapbox::

5. What are the 4 best books you've ever read?
Young Adult: Paper Towns by John Green
Juvenile: Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Graphic Novel: Watchmen by Alan Moore
All Time: Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

6. Tell me something unique and interesting about yourself.
I have a pet hedgehog, and he's like an adorable cactus. His name is Huxley, but he came pretty close to being named Bruce Quillis. (He wasn't bold and daring enough to be named after my favorite action hero of all time, unfortunately. Maybe next time?)

7. What do you love best about yourself?
My signature thing has always been my laugh. I'm told it's infectious. My laugh is like a deadly virus! Moooohoooohaaahaaahaaaaa! (My evil laugh is coming along swimmingly, by the way.)

8. What is the best movie ever made?
Ummm. I don't know if I'm qualified to answer that question. If you asked AFI, they'd say it's Citizen Kane, which makes me think that AFI is on crack, 'cause I've seen Citizen Kane and while I understand how it revolutionized movie-making, I think it's straight-up boring.

What I am qualified to tell you is that my favorite movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz and that in my opinion (disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer!), The Dark Knight was the best movie of the past decade. But that's just me. 

9. If you had a "freaky friday" experience who would you trade places with and why?
I'd trade places with Scarlett Johansson solely for the opportunity to do unspeakable things to Ryan Reynolds. No question.

10. What's the best part about being a woman?
We... get prettier-smelling perfumes? (Seriously, I feel bad for guys for having to wear cologne and body spray that smells the way it smells. Also: Axe makes me want to vomit my lungs up. What is the appeal?)

And thus ends my longest blog post to date. Wasn't that fun?


  1. Ooooo, Melissa, THANK YOU!!! I will do this sometime tonight - yay!!! I love your answers. This is kind of a crappy comment because I just got off of work, so expect something a little more wordy later. :P

  2. -haha I love the sunscreen song!
    -and I loved all of your favorite books, amazing choices.
    -do you have a hedgehog on the west coast? i know they're technically not legal in CA, but I want to get one in oregon and just bring it down
    -ryan reynolds is really really hot. good choice :)

  3. DUDE! Or, rather, DUDETTE! I've uhh...never gotten a blog award before. Ever. THANK YOU! Now I have to write something and tag three others?! I feel pressure and it's weird!

    BTW, you should have totally named your little buddy Bruce Quillis, the idea of it made me laugh like mad. Also, extra good call on Citizen Kane. I rented it years ago wanting to see what all the fuss was about and I was so bored I didn't even finish it. It's okay though, thanks to pop culture I know all about the stupid sled.

  4. I very much hear you on the glasses thing, as I'm quite blind myself. Sort of like a possum (they don't see well right? or am I thinking of hippos or something? I dunno, it's Wednesday). I also would love to do unspeakable things to Ryan Reynolds - um, hello, he's Canadian! That means I get first dibs :)

  5. @Angela - You're very welcome!

    @VanillaBean - I'm in New Jersey and I have to have a permit for him (it cost like $10) because he's technically an exotic pet.

    @Angel - No pressure! No pressure! You don't even have to pass it on if you don't want to, I just wanted to highlight some awesome bloggers I've met so far :D

    @Kim - I didn't know what you meant, so I just Googled whether possums are blind, and apparently that's a myth -- they don't have the best eyesight, but they're definitely not blind. So we all learned something new here today!

  6. Thank you for the award! And I've never been tagged! I'll finish this before I head to Disneyland!

  7. It was so awesome to learn bundles more about you, so speak more about yourself, I love hearing about you, you, you!

    - I don't understand the Axe appeal either. It's called Lynx in the UK, and I've never met a girl yet who finds this smell sexy! I'm sure sweat could be sexier, maybe :P

    -Yes, yes to Ryan Reynolds. He is mighty fine!

    -I think you should record your laugh for us. Because just from your personality I think it would be lovely, musical and infectious!

    -Awww at Huxley the mini moving cactus <3 I didn't know you could ever buy hedgehogs as pets till I was in a pet store the other week, I always thought it was more something people fostered when they were injured. But now I know!

    -Thumbs up to Alice Through the Looking Glass and your need to devour books I can relate to that in each and every way. Sunscreen (/nods), cooler to be pale than lobster red! And we have the same opinion on social interaction - needing time to recharge but enjoying company. I've spent quite a bit of time by myself since being in a new country and it's a very weird experience, I have limited people to hang around.

    I also loved hearing about your biking memory, so thanks for sharing with us all. I can understand why its your top!

    xxxx <3

  8. I love reading these things because I always learn so much and I seriously think you're such an interesting person.

    A pet hedgehog? That is super awesome! I don't think I knew that. :D

    Also, I'm going to have to read Paper Towns now because the other three books are fabulous choices I might have picked.

  9. @Julie - You're very welcome! :)

    @Nikki - Re: being alone in a new country - For a whole year after I moved back in with my parents, I had almost no social interaction besides Matt and my family and my co-workers. It's only recently that my weekends have started getting busier, because some of my friends moved back to the area after graduation. It's really what reminded me of my love for hanging out and seeing my friends. So I guess, just hang in there :)

    @Caity - Paper Towns is sort of the oddball choice because it's realistic fiction, where the others are pretty fantastical, and it's a mystery (which I almost never read!) but I really recommend it if you like YA books!

  10. I kind of died when I read your hedgehog's dangerously close name (and the hedgehog was my favourite new character in Toy Story 3! Even if his part was all of 3 seconds). Do you watch Modern Family? Bruce Quillis reminds me of the pet turtle named Shel Turtlestein in the show for some reason haha.

    Huxley doesn't have anything to do with Aldous Huxley, does it?