Tuesday, April 19, 2011

breaking my silence with -- what else? -- a list

First off, I'd like to apologize for my unannounced absence. I've spent the last two months alternating my time between freaking out about school, freaking out about work, and freaking out about when Matt might propose (SQUEE WAITING IS SO HARD). I've been slowly accumulating levels of stress/anxiety only previously seen in certain Cathy comic strips.

But the next two weeks are going to be hellish beyond imagining. Those of you who have endured/are currently enduring higher level education can understand the panic and terror that comes along with the last couple weeks of a semester. Finals, term projects, research papers, presentations... after I graduated with my BA I swore that I was done with this world, but this semester I am eating my words. I have SO MUCH to get done before I am home free, and so little time to do it.

To get myself through this, I've been compiling a list of everything I get to do once this is all over. Behold, 


1) I will get a haircut. My hair is a shaggy horror right now. I need a good two or three inches off the ends, and I want to get my awkwardly-growing-out bangs cut into some sideswept bangs for the summer. Cause I'm not going to try to maintain blunt bangs in NJ humidity. I'm just not.

2) I will play The Sims 3 for as long as I damn well please. 24, maybe 48 hours at a time-- who cares? I WILL HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITIES BITCHES.

3) I will allow myself to obsess over every pre-planning detail of my upcoming cruise with Matt. I LOVE getting ready for trips. I find it almost as fun as actually going on the trip, because I am a big weirdo. But as of right now I'm trying my absolute hardest to not fixate on the cruise when I have so many other things to take care of. But as soon as May 6th rolls around... we're talking itineraries, packing list spreadsheets, new bathing suits and dresses, potentially even new luggage. Okay, I need to stop talking about this because I'm starting to get a little too excited about it. Whew.

4) I will hang out with my friends every day that it is possible for us to hang out. Enough said, I think.

5) I will blog every day. I'm serious. Every day between May 6th (the day the semester ends) and May 15 (the day Matt and I leave for our cruise), I solemnly swear that I will post daily. I have a lot to make up for :)

So there you have it. Right now I'm just a busy girl with dreams of being not-so-busy. I hope I'll be able to check in again before finals hell is over -- my birthday (which is also my blog's first anniversary) is in less than a week, so I'll try to post then. I'll see you on the other side!