Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What happens on blog break

...gets shared with the whole entire world when you come back from blog break.

Yes, I took a week or two to unplug from the blogosphere and just experience things. But I have not forgotten about my New Years' promise to document life!  Here's what's been happening around my neck of the woods:

At work, I made a felt hamburger tree and got REALLY excited about it.

I ate tater tots for the first time since high school. I was wondering if they would stand the test of time and the sharpening of my palette, but let me tell you... tater tots are magical. I wish I had some right now.

 I devoured some AMAZING British television: Sherlock and Spaced and Downton Abbey, oh my! Seriously, watch these shows. Then flail. Then e-mail me. We need to talk about how Benedict Cumberbatch sounds exactly like Alan Rickman, and how Tim just needs a hug, and how OMFG MARY MARY MARY.

I made this casserole -- it's like Hamburger Helper, but better because you use actual cheese instead of Mysterious Cheese Dust. It was perfect for a  cold and windy Sunday night!

I finally saw Titan AE thanks to the magic of Netflix -- WHO has seen this movie? Can we talk about how it's basically Joss Whedon's animated test run of Firefly??

Matt and I picked out and ordered our wedding invitations from a local stationery shop! I'm so glad we ended up going to a local business instead of ordering online -- but more about that another time. Disclaimer: our invitations look nothing like these, though these are really cute. They're just an example of the kind of products that were in the shop. I'll show off our actual invites when I know they've all been sent out/received by our guests.

I had a pizza night with my best girls (minus one). I would highly, highly recommend making your own pizza rather than ordering out. Every time I do it I'm reminded how much cheaper, healthier, and yummier it is than chain pizza. If you want to take it to the next level, make your own pizza dough. I bought some pre-made from Wegmans because the idea of making dough from scratch makes me quiver with fear. But maybe one day. Maybe.

What have you all been tasting/touching/hearing/seeing lately?