Sunday, May 8, 2011

I got it from my mama

My lilliputian stature (She's 4'10'' and I'm 4'11'' -- so all you 5'3''-ers who think you're short can just stop right now).

My laugh.

My temper.

My dry skin issues.

My tendency to raise my voice to its ultimate decibel level when I'm [drunk] in a big group of people.

My flair for the dramatic.

My devotion to my friends.

My appreciation for footwear.

My compulsion to go straight for the sales rack in any store.

All my best qualities, all my worst qualities, and everything in between.


Happy Mother's Day to my mama and yours!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

on strange obsessions and the best friends who fuel them

Last night, at 10:53 PM, I submitted my final assignment for the spring 2011 semester.


I've never been so relieved to be finished with a semester of school in my life. This finals week was pure agony, right up until the last second -- and I really mean the last second. The biggest thing that motivated me to get through it was the fact that I am going to New York City today with my very best friend Lindsay, to see a Broadway show and roam Times Square and be unabashedly touristy (one of my favorite things to do in the whole world)!

We're seeing Wonderland, a modern-day musical adaptation of Alice In Wonderland set in New York City. I'm not sure if those who read this blog know that Alice in Wonderland is basically my favorite things of all time. Before I was a Joss Whedon geek or a Star Wars geek or a LOTR geek, I was an Alice geek. First of all, I take the book way, way too seriously and consider it my own personal property (so much that I'm hostile towards almost everyone who says they also "love" the book). I have been collecting Alice-y things since I was 13 (especially White Rabbit stuff, Red Queen stuff, anything with the original Tenniel illustrations, and reinterpreted illustrations). I read The Annotated Alice at least once a year. I make it a point to try and write a paper on Alice every semester. And I've seen almost every single adaptation of Alice on the big screen, small screen, and now, the stage.

I'm super lucky to have a best friend who feeds my strange obsession, so much as to gift me with the opportunity to see the only version of Alice that has existed on Broadway to my knowledge. And she'll be here in about 10 minutes, so I'd better get my act together. 

I wouldn't want to be late. For a very important date.*

Hee hee!

*From the song "I'm Late" sung by the White Rabbit in the 1951 Disney adaptation. The White Rabbit never says this in Carroll's book. He does, however, say, "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!" which does not rhyme.**

            **I told you I was an Alice geek. It's insufferable, I know.