Thursday, June 3, 2010

bits of tid

1) My sister's senior prom is today, and since my prom experience sucked, I'm living vicariously through hers. She's already way ahead of me, as her hair is super classy (whereas mine was too short to do anything real with) and her dress makes her look like Vanna White (whereas mine looked like it was SO TWO SEASONS AGO [probably because I had bought it the year prior]) and she has realistic expectations about what the night will be like (whereas I had watched too many John Hughes movies and am still waiting for some hottie in a white tux to plant a surprise kiss on me in the parking lot at the end of the night).

2) I finally got a haircut and I feel like a new woman! After a brief period of experimentation with other stylists, I went back to my favorite, Jen. And I'm so incredibly glad. She... completes me. She gave me the rocking-est piecey, funky bangs ever. I didn't even know I could pull this shit off. Pictures soon to come, maybe.

3) I got this awesome award from Heather. Seriously, people, these AWARDS. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of them. This one is called, adorably, the "Super Comments" award, which definitely sounds like a Pokemon trance mode. And check the graphic, yo. Witness the majesty of the Mighty Panda Bear:

Passing the award is my favorite part of this whole process. I'll be tagging some super-effective commenters on Saturday!

4) Until then, I'll be down the shore with my BFF. It's our first shore trip of the summer so we're not going to get too fancy or quirky with our activities: we're gonna walk the boards and frolick in the waves and squish our toes into the sand and bask in the sun and just do Beach Stuff. I'm so excited.

Have a happy Friday, have a great weekend, and DFTBA. 


  1. Congrats on the award!!!

    As Jen and I were home-schooled, neither of us had a prom. We were dating each other around prom time, so we vowed that one day we'll have our own little prom. ^_^ I hope your sisters prom is magickal, beautiful, safe and fun!!!

    I WANT TO SEE YOUR NEW HAIR CUT!!! And yes, that deserved caps lock.

    Enjoy your beachy time! Sounds fun. ^_^

  2. Wooohoo go you for the award!

    When you go to such big events you always worry that something's going to go wrong - i had everything right on the night before when i practiced with my hair and makeup. But on the day, my hair was faaaaaaaaar too big, and my makeup...well...let's just say uber amounts of eyeshadow look a tad silly when everyone else is rocking that natural look!

    Photo's of new hair please! Do it!

  3. Oh, promtimes. When my cousin went last year it felt like mine was so, so long ago. I went with her to the Huge Photo-Op Pre-Prom Backyard Party, and I was surprised that big poofy dresses are apparently out of style now. Everyone had straight, floor-length dresses in crazy patterns.

    New hair photo shoot? Please?

  4. Senior prom! Oh the nostalgia. The only reason mine was fun was the wee bottles of Sutter Home we kept chugging in the bathroom.


  5. Prom is totally over rated...

    Congrats on the award :)

  6. I ended up going to my prom alone. My boyfriend was 21 and the date age limit was 19. A couple of my friends had to go alone due to that rule as well.

    Have fun on the coast.

  7. I remembered my prom it was whatever. I didn't have a date but there was a prom event going on in the dorms and I was so happy I got a date this time. Not to be dorky, but I kind of saw it as giving that high school moment a second chance hahah.

  8. @Angela - I promise you didn't miss out on much in terms of the typical prom experience. As you can see from these comments, it's mainly overrated. I'm sure you and Jen will have a much better time when you finally have your mini-prom :D

    @Michelle - I HATED my prom hair. It was a chin-length bob and there's absolutely nothing you can do with that. The girl at the salon just curled it and stuff, and I looked like Shirley Temple. Oh well.

    @Cait - I was never a fan of the big poofy dresses, but I'm not sure how I feel about the slinky patterned dresses, either. My sister's dress was HAWT though, super classy. She looked like Vanna White.

    @LiLu - First of all, thanks for the visit! I love your blog. And you know what, I think if I'd had tiny bottles of Sutter Home at my prom, things might have been a little better. Maybe infinitely better?

    @Becca - Believe me, you're preaching to the choir :P

    @LadyJ - Ew, that sucks. Well, at least there were others going alone? Nothing worse than being a fifth (or seventh) (or ninth) wheel. I know this firsthand.

    @Julie - That's how I felt about the wedding I went to this weekend! It was black tie and I finally had a date, so I pretended it was my Second Prom. And I had a much better time.