Wednesday, June 2, 2010

don't stop me now: the best weekend ever

This is K. She took every single picture you will see in this blog post today. Mine sucked and hers are gorgeous, and plagiarism is for chumps, so I just wanted to give her credit.

Part the First: My best friend graduates. She throws a party. It rocks.

Me and my friend Dru (not her real name, but she'd approve) Top Modeling it up. Note how Dru actually knows how to pose for pictures where as I can only flail about like a fish on the shore.

The scene: picturesque South Jersey backyard.

A freakishly normal picture of my sister and Matt.

An impromptu campfire for impromptu s'mores.

Me and my best friends of seven years. So much love here.

Part the Second: We go to Scotty and Jewel's wedding and we all look so freaking good. Seriously.

Centerpieces, three of which I now have in my house. 

That handsome Scotsman my friends and I are standing with is LW (stands for Legitimate Wizard, and honestly I don't know if he'd approve of that name). All of the groomsmen wore kilts to reflect Scotty's heritage, but LW is especially legit in his because he's from Glasgow. 

Also, LW does card tricks and for the life of me I couldn't figure them out. The only explanation is that he is Actually Magic (hence the name). Shortly after this picture was taken, he turned that 2 of spades into an ace.

Believe it or not, this cake tasted even better than it looks.

This band completely changed my perspective on the whole band-vs.-DJ thing. They were so, so badass.

Me, Matt, Scotty and Jewel, aka the best-looking geeks in the Tri-State area. Seriously.

Part the Third: The weekend continues at the afterparty and at the afterparty to the afterparty, but I didn't take any pictures because sometimes you want to live life and enjoy the moment without pressuring yourself to document it. 


  1. Of all the goodness in your photos the best has to be that cake. Mmmm....cake...*nom nom nom*

    And when all those other people are out in the heat you and I know where the party is at. Inside. With A/C. Watching sci-fi and/or reading. :)

  2. Please forgive the lameness of the post above being under the name "admin". I'm trying to figure out how to use OpenID and am failing...

  3. Awesome pictures!!!

    Also, roasting marshmallows over candle fire is so, so fun. We do that in our bedroom :P

  4. Why is that the prettiest cake I've ever seen?

    Also, I really need smores right now.

    Also, hi.

  5. oh heck yes! Live band >>>> DJ.

    And I'm in love with the cake! And your friend's wedding dress!

  6. @Angel - The ceremony was OUTSIDE. I was on edge until I felt a blast of conditioned air...then it was smooth sailing :P

    @Angela - Is there anything greater in this life than a toasted marshmallow? I submit that there is not.

    @Jamie - If I could magic some over to you, I would. We had a sudden s'mores craving and impulsively bought enough supplies for 250 people. Also, hi. Welcome to my 283810th blog.

    @Julie - I'm in love with her wedding dress too, like seriously, I may steal it from her house and wear it to my own wedding.

  7. Those photo's are so good!

    Funnily enough, when i meet new people that are connected to my friends on nights out, there's always at least one who can do card tricks!

    Do you have any photo's of your friends wedding dress in its' entirety? From what you've pictured, it looks gorgeous!

  8. @Michelle - I have NEVER met anyone before who could do card tricks so this was totally mind-blowing. Also, I have some pictures of her dress and I may be posting them to Facebook soon, so keep your eyes peeled!