Tuesday, June 1, 2010

la la life is wonderful

[image source: http://tinyurl.com/2ayfw8k]

This weekend was fucking epic. It was a maelstrom of activity, the center of which was the beautiful wedding of my friends Scotty and Jewel. Currently, I'm catching up on my reader, then uploading pictures, then writing emails to/posting on the walls of/answering texts from the new friends I made and the old ones I caught up with and the current ones that I love more than ever right now. 

I'll post about it later, after I recover. But this is just to say: Hey, guys! It's been a crazy couple of days, but watching your blog posts rack up in my reader made me smile. Guess what? I made a friend who can do card tricks that are so impressive that I'm pretty much convinced that he's a wizard. How was your Memorial Day weekend? 


  1. Hey, Melissa!!! Sounds like an AWESOME weekend!

    I was wondering where you went. :P Our Memorial Day weekend was spent cleaning, haha. And than relaxing on Memorial Day. Which included lots and lots of much needed sleep! ^_^

    Welcome back to the blogging world!

  2. Sounds like you had a similar weekend. Apparently when you have two friends who have family from all over the world coming in for a wedding, it's not a day or two, it's an entire week. I'm finally recovering from a week's worth of wedding fun.

    Hope your friends' wedding was incredible!

  3. OMG did you meet Harry Potter? :)

  4. ooh I was surprised that I had a busy weekend myself! It included moving into my new place and I have to say, beautiful place but UGLY situation (will post on my blog later).

    Cant't wait to see some news pics!

  5. @Angela - I love a nice, relaxing weekend! Glad to hear you got tons of sleep -- I certainly didn't :P

    @Kara - I know exactly what you mean. They invited friends from Scotland, England, and Iceland, and they're all going to be here for another month so the party won't stop until they leave, I guess!

    @Angel - BASICALLY. Actually, I think he's secretly Neville Longbottom but he doesn't want to blow his cover.

    @Julie - Oh dear! Looking forward to hearing your story, but hoping the situation gets less ugly if possible?