Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas at my house


But luckily I think the afterglow of present-getting-and-giving and fun times with family and friends will keep me going for a while :D

My family and I only have a few Christmas traditions, but we always stick to them and the holiday wouldn't feel complete without them:

Tradition #1 - We go to the Christmas Eve vigil at church -- this is partly because I am an employee of the music ministry and I have to provide piano accompaniment for the singers, but I'd probably go anyway. I really like to sing Christmas songs.

Tradition #2 - We have a fancy five-course dinner on Christmas Eve with practically the same menu every year -- French onion soup, cornish hens, ham, and creme brulee for dessert. The only thing that changes up even slightly is the sides and the salad. I guess that sounds like it could be boring, but I always look forward to it, maybe because we literally only have this meal once a year. Another important component of this tradition is that it's always just the family -- no aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends. It's awesomely mellow and honestly, that's how I like my Christmas Eve. I'm not religious at all, but I do like to honor the quiet and stillness of the Christmas vigil, if only because it lets me slow down and reflect on the past year.

Tradition #3 - We turn on A Christmas Story at 8:00 on Christmas Eve and we don't turn it off until we go to bed. Then, the next morning, we turn it back on again as we're eating breakfast and slowly getting ready for the annual family Christmas party. I'm very serious about my dedication to this movie. One year I watched it four times in a row before I got tired of it.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


  1. I love traditions!

    Every Christmas Eve, we (Jen, her parents and I) sit down for Christmas Eve fondue. SOOOO good!!!

    We also open our Christmas Eve gifts! Which is another tradition in itself --- every Christmas Eve, Jen's mom gets us new PJs. They are always so cozy and comfy. ^_^

    On Christmas Day we have a big Christmas breakfast, followed by opening gifts and than Christmas Dinner!

    And every year, Jen and I get an ornament for our tree for that year. ^_^ We have been doing this since our first Christmas as a couple in 2004!!!

  2. loved reading about your holiday traditions. i'm the "keeper of traditions" in my family. i try not to get too bossy about things, but sometimes i get carried away...things need to be "just so". lol

    happy new year!