Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the success bullseye

About a month ago, I digressed from my usual list-y weekend updates to make a (relatively) serious list of small improvements that I hoped to make to my life. Today, let's take a step back and see how I fared.

So, goal #1:
...re-vamp my resumé so I can apply for a Youth Services internship that opened up at another library.
Check and check. I re-wrote my resumé and submitted it for that position. The weeks went by and I didn't hear anything, so I figured they hadn't been too impressed. But last Monday, after a super hectic weekend, I got a phone call from that library, asking me to set up an interview. You guys. I don't want to jinx it, cause don't even know what my chances are, but you guys. If I get another job, this changes everything. I'd have to reassess my path to graduation, my living situation, the state of my finances. Like I said, I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. But that doesn't mean I can't want them. A lot.

Goal #2:
...re-brand my blog.
Yes, well. You all remember when that happened. It's pretty hard to believe that I had any other blog design besides this one. It just feels right, for whatever reason. Thanks again, Tawni :)

Goal #3:
 ...make eating healthfully, living healthfully, a priority.
I addressed this goal fabulously -- for about two weeks. Then things got crazy. Then my ability to be mindful of my eating habits kind of went away. Then it came back again for a couple days. And at this moment, I'm probably right back to where I was when I wrote that first post. As evidenced by the fact that I am eating a warm chocolate chip cookie from Wawa as I write this. Aheh.

No seriously, though, I have been tearing my hair out about my weight and my health lately. It seems like nothing can motivate me to be sensible about food and exercise for longer than 2 weeks -- not the fast-approaching date of my 7-day cruise with Matt, not the fact that my pants seem to keep getting smaller every time I wash them, not even the possibility that I may be a bride in 2 or 3 years. Something's got to give at some point. But with all of the things I'm dealing with right now -- work, school, my relationship, my social life, my money woes -- I can't imagine how I'd even begin to deal with something as deep-seated as my body image/weight issues. Bleh!

AND Goal #4:
...go back to strictly reading before I turn out the light.
Total success! Well, there was a week-and-a-half long period where I reverted back to my old ways, but I'm happy to report that I no longer need my computer in bed with me like some sort of weird electronic security blanket.

So with the exception of an issue with which I have struggled my whole life, it looks like I actually kinda did what I set out to do! Apparently I'm a go-getter! Damn, I should have put that on my new resumé.

Like Barney Stinson, I averted mediocrity and hit the Success Bullseye. Nailed it!

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  1. Good job dude! Don't be too hard on yourself, meeting 4 out of 5 goals is pretty good. And the weight loss/healthier lifestyle thing is much easier said than done, I know from experience. Have you tried incorporating small things into your everyday routine? For example, I've started walking to work, which means I get about 25-30 mins of cardio every morning without it interfering with my schedule! I realize that's not possible for everyone, but I've noticed I'm generally more toned and have better cardio than before. Even walking a few times a week can help. I'm not one to listen to though because I can never stick to any kind of diet or exercise plan for more than 2 weeks lol