Friday, October 8, 2010

little steps for big changes

Things have sort of spiraled a little bit out of control in my parts of the world. So I've been putting some thoughts to the kinds of proactive things I can do to get some of that control back. As always for me, it comes down to baby steps. This week, I will... my resumé so I can apply for a Youth Services internship that opened up at another library. If I get this it'll mean working for an additional 19 hours a week along with staying at my current job and going to school part-time. And all that extra money would mean that I'd be a little bit closer to being financially independent -- a status which could change a lot of factors in my life. my blog. I've been in contact with Tawni from Forever Design Studio about custom designing a brand new layout for this litttle old blog. I've changed a lot since I wrote the first post in this blog a couple of months ago and I want to take my blog in a different direction. I think a new design will be a great way to aid that transition.

...face the music and make eating healthfully, living healthfully, a priority. A few months ago when I was going to the gym regularly and had just cut meat and dairy out of my diet, I felt pretty great. I was sleeping well, I felt energetic, I felt happier. I want to get back on track, but I know from years of experience falling off the wagon that being too ambitious can really backfire on me. So I'm going inch by inch -- next week I'm hoping to just be more mindful of what I eat and when I eat.

...banish my computer from my bed. I've been having really wonky sleep patterns lately and I partially blame it on the fact that I abandoned my books-before-bed routine in favor of catching up on some episodes of Buffy or How I Met Your Mother. So tonight I officially go back to strictly reading before I turn out the light.

Anyone else working on things inch-by-inch? Or are you an all-in or all-out kind of person?


  1. Ooo, good luck with the resume re-vamp! I'll be honest, I am pretty good with resumes. Almost every job Jen and I have applied to, we've gotten interviews for. I'll put up ads to sell stuff and boom, it's sold. I'm kinda good with sounding "professional" with my wording.

    I can't wait to see your new design!

    Omg, yes, totally agree. Last year around this time, I was like 130lbs. Right now? I'm 162lbs. And I'm 5'4" - so I can't say "Well, I'm really tall!"

    I know a LARGE part of this is because we're living with Jen's parents and her mom ALWAYS buys us snack and junk food. And I'm a sweetaholic. That and I LOVE soda. And fast food. And pasta. And bread. OY! I know I CAN enjoy food AND be healthy AND be the weight I dream of (125lbs - have NEVER reached this goal. And yes, it's a GOAL!)...I sound like an informal, BUT YES. Totally there.

    And finally, I really want to read more as well. I still have quite a few books in the Fablehaven series to read AND I really wanna go to the library. I also know if I disconnect from the web for a while - whether by cuddling with Jen on the couch and watching TV or by reading a book, I feel more refreshed.

    ...Sorry for making a blog post in your comments. :D

  2. Start your new blog changes off with a blog game? I tagged you. Of course. :D

  3. These sound like some great goals! It definitely helps to write out what you wanna do, makes it more "real" and makes you more accountable. I hear you about eating better - I really have to do that too!!! Gah I'm the worst with food I just eat whatever and I'm a naturally healthy person so I take that totally for granted. Can't wait to see the new design!!