Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sundry Summer 2010

Pictures from my first summer out in the Real World:

John Mayer concert at the Camden Waterfront with my sister, BFF, and Matt (not pictured).

Lots of D&D with Scotty and Jewel and their kitty:

Kitty liked my Homestar Runner messenger bag:

First Phillies game since 5th grade: 

Fun and games in Hilton Head, SC:

And one last hurrah in Ocean City, NJ:

Ah, summer. I shall miss you. 


  1. D20 games? awesome puzzles and amazing concerts? Sounds like a great summer :)

  2. Yay she's back! Sounds like you had a fab summer! And the John Mayer concert! How was it?? Was he awesomes?! =D

    (I've a new blog now btw so any old links you may have won't work!)

  3. Your summer makes me so jealous. But it looks like the stuff that coming-of-age films are made of. Go you!

  4. i have been reading all your entries and all are great and good duh and i haven't had anything too burning to comment about yet except for now--WHY AM I SITTING WITH MY ARMS LIKE THAT OMG WTF