Wednesday, September 22, 2010

gorram ruttin' reavers

Last Halloween I was working the library's Halloween Party and I dressed up as a friendly witch and painted ghost and Frankenstein faces onto 7-year-olds.

So. This year I'm off on Halloween and I want to be as horrifying as possible. Scotty and Jewel are throwing a Whedonverse party and my costume choice was obvious. I'm going as a Reaver, AKA the brutal and animalistic space barbarians from Firefly.

That's hot. 

That picture is the most prevalent image of a Reaver on the Internet. It's like pulling teeth trying to find a good solid shot of one, let alone a female Reaver. So I'm gonna base my costume off of these two gems I found:

[Totally had to remove this one 'cause it came from a site that's infected with Malware apparently. Ugh.]

I like this one because a) it's an actual costume worn by a female Reaver in Serenity (to which the movie production geek in me says: OMGMGMGMGMG) and b) it's a great reference point as to the color scheme and aesthetic that I should aim for.

OK, first of all, that is one badass chick. Second of all, it's really impressive without being too elaborate. I feel like I could put together a costume like this without having to go to a Ren Faire, is what I'm saying.

My search starts this week and I'm little-kid giddy about it. I'll keep you guys updated as I find stuff!


  1. Oh, totally awesome Mel ^_^ I've never watched Firefly, but I still like your choice! Jen and I are SO SO excited for Halloween! We've already started planning too. ^_^

    Also, because you're about as geeky as we are, are you watching The Big Bang Theory tonight?

    Ta!!! And MISSED YOU!

  2. Oh my god! I effing love Firefly. You have to post pictures of the finished costume.

  3. I'm excited for Halloween too this year! Can't wait. I'm sure anything you put together will be better than my most elaborate costumes which tend to suck. :)