Wednesday, June 9, 2010


And NOW I will stop talking about high school and prom.

Everything that's new with me:

- I recently decided to go meatless for a while, for ethical/moral reasons and whatnot. I don't want to get all preachy-teachy about it, but I will probably share my rationale at some point.
- I also recently stopped eating dairy because I've developed a pretty wicked allergy. It wasn't pretty, people.
- So now I'm incidentally vegan. It's insane, but it's working -- it's only been two weeks, and feel like Superwoman!
- My boyfriend is understandably troubled by this sudden lifestyle change. Apparently when he told his co-workers about it, they were like, "You know what this means, right? YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO BE VEGAN TOO, SUCKA!" I beg to differ.
- WizardCon in Philly is this weekend and Linda Hamilton and Bruce Campbell and Sir Patrick Stewart and James Marsters are all going to be there BUT I HAVE TO WORK WHYYYYY. Seriously, I've heard WizardCon Philly can be sort of lame, but this was supposed to be my big chance to kidnap make out with meet Spike from Buffy!
- I have to mention the Flyers. They're in the Stanley Cup and tonight's game is do or die and they JUST tied it up in the third period and this is giving me gray hairs. I'm quickly learning that being a sports fan takes years off of your life.

I'm almost caught up with bloggy stuff! I still have to pass on the Super [Effective] Commenter Award and answer the award acceptance survey, and I'm about to start the 30 Days of Me meme that the awesome Heather just started today, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. Because the Flyers just went into overtime and I think I might be having a heart attack. Hopefully the Flyers will score soon so I can go to the emergency room? Wish them (and me!) luck.

[Update: Flyers lost. Now my heart is broken. Oh, well. Tomorrow is a new day.]


  1. Hey, good luck with going vegan! I can definitely understand how you feel, even if I can't give up meat myself. :P

    Also, sorry about WizardCon :( GOD I WANNA GO TO A CON!

    And finally... 30 Days of Me meme?! Eeeeeeee!!!

  2. Good luck with the vegan thing! One of my best friends does it for her faith's Lent(-type thing) and she claims it's surprisingly uncomplicated. And your boyfriend definitely doesn't have to turn to the same eating arrangements as you, best friend and I hung out all the time during her vegan days and I was nowhere near the same diet.

    And uh...were you nearly as devastated as I was when you learned James Marsters was, in fact, not British?! Because I wanted to throw something at my TV when he was a judge on Say What? Karaoke and I discovered he didn't have the accent!

  3. @Angela - I WANNA GO TO A CON TOOOO :(

    @Ashley - To this day, I am still mourning that fact. When my friend told me in the middle of our Buffy marathon, I felt so betrayed that I couldn't watch anymore ... for the rest of the morning. We started up again after lunch.

  4. I'm actually watching Buffy right now! :)

    I've tried going veggie, but never vegan. I know it's good for many people for various health, ethical, and/or religious reasons, and I wholly support anyone who chooses that. I just can't do that, myself. I can give up meat temporarily, but not for good. I definitely can't give up dairy. I love my cheese and yogurt too much!

    I do wish you all the best in your dietary changes. I know it can be tough! My suggestion to you, since it's summer and all, is to check out local farmers' markets for some really fresh produce! And eat lots of hummus. And falafel! Chickpeas are my staple when I temporarily eat vegetarian.

  5. I could totally go vegetarian if I wanted to (I don't eat meat a ton as is), but I don't think I could give up dairy...glad it's working for you!

  6. I saw Sir Patrick Stewart at a Star Trek convention. He was hilarious. Like super hilarious. I really think you should call in sick for work and go. I mean, Bruce Campbell is going to be there!! I'd quit my job to go see him. Well, maybe not. But I'd definitely call in sick.

  7. haha love the title and it's relation to the pic too funny! I totally had a huge crush on Spike too - that would be SO cool to meet him! If you kidnap him, let me know will ya, so I can come down and get in on the action. Or better yet mail him to Nova Scotia! Thankies! :)

  8. Good luck with going vegan:)

  9. I have seriously thought about going vegan. Originally, my rational was because I wanted people to hear the word 'vegan' and assume that I was the type who owned a record player and lived in a duplex in the artsy area of town. Now I am thinking about it because ... well. I have heard that it makes you feel better.

    Is that true?

  10. @Kara - I almost didn't know if I'd be able to give up dairy! I love cheese so incredibly much that it felt like they were sentencing me to prison sentence! Also, thank you for the tips! I've never given up meat before so any suggestion on how to deal are welcome.

    @Ronnica - I hear you --I didn't really buy a lot of meat or cook with meat often either -- but I did eat a LOT of fast food, and it's easier to resist that now that I can't eat most of what they serve there. That's probably one of the reasons I feel so much better :P

    @Amber - Can I tell you that I seriously almost did call out of work? But I needed the money so, so badly. My friend went, though, and tried to get something signed for me by Bruce Campbell, but they wouldn't let her. What's up with that?

    @Kim - Next time! I'm sure there's plenty of him to go around :P

    @Jas - Hmmm, I'm vegan *and* I own a record player. Does that make me a hipster? Good god, I don't know if I can live up to that title. I don't have nearly enough madras-print things, and it'll take me years to finish a half-sleeve tattoo :P But to answer your last question: I feel ten times better, but my diet royally sucked before and mostly consisted of Chik-Fil-A and Nestle Drumsticks, so...

  11. One of my best high school friends is a vegetarian and has been so for well over a decade, I really respect her decision and I think it's brilliant you are giving it a go. I can't wait to hear more of your vegan journey, would love to know any meat-free tasty dishes you recommend. I'd say 5 dinners a week I eat red meat/fish, mostly because I don't know what else to do, though I do love a good egg salad and a dollop of hummus with anything. Have you seen huge leaps in your energy levels Miss Superwoman?
    I gave up milk for a couple of months and I must admit replacing my glasses of milk with water really made my skin glow. Though I was scared back into drinking it by thoughts of osteoporosis. Yoghurt and cheese - definitely would struggle to live without these babies.
    Best of luck with your new dietary lifestyle, I'm sure it will be worth it especially if you are seeing great changes already.