Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pros and Cons: Saturday, May 1

  • I went to a party and I met a girl from Canada. I accidentally told Matt she was from Ottawa even though she told me she was from Toronto.
  • Actually, what she had said was that she was "from Tronno." Which was a huge pro.
  • At the same party, I saw some of my cousins and we had a lot of laughs. 
  • And a lot of cake.
  • I drank wine, which is almost always fun (barring the Arbor Mist Debacle of March 2009)
  • My sister and I had an epic Boyz II Men sing-along in the car on the way home. 
  • I learned the corniest and best joke ever, but you have to know a little French to get it: The One-Two-Three Cat and the Une-Deux-Trois Cat had a race in the swimming pool. The One-Two-Three Cat won. Do you know why? 
  • Because the Une-Deux-Trois Cat sank. (Say it out loud, French speakers. Say it out loud. Then groan. Then feel free to backhand slap me through your computer screens.)
  • Said Canadian girl told me she hates the Flyers. 
  • Boo on not being able to bond over a sport because of team rivalries.
  • I got eaten alive by mosquitoes because we were sitting outside the whole time.
  • I hardly got any good reading time in, which sucks because I'm like 40 pages away from finishing V For Vendetta.
  • I feel like I just need to finish it so I can start reading it again
  • Because holy shit I have almost no idea what is going on in that book.
  • I kinda lost my voice a little bit from all of the epic sing-alonging. 
  • Nobody laughed at my corny joke. Sad face.
Well, so far this weekend the pros and cons are neck-and-neck. Tomorrow I'm hanging out at my old college campus with one set of friends during the day, and then, in the evening, I'm going over to my engaged friends' house with Matt to eat pizza and play the incredibly geeky game Setters of Catan. So we'll see what the tally looks like on Sunday. Keep on having a good weekend everyone, and DFTBA.