Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Five: Smooth Sailing

It's been one of those pleasant, busy weeks where Some Things Go Wrong but, by and large, Things Are Pretty Good. Nothing groundbreaking (no graduate school acceptances, no Publishers Clearing House knocking at my door with a giant check) but nothing too devastating either (no funeral services to attend, no dogs bringing baby bunnies into the house as a gift). Just smooth sailing, small pleasures, and personal victories. It's a good week to participate in MannLand5's Thursday 5 for the first time.

The graphic:

Did I ever mention that I love daisies? They're my favorite wild flower.

The rules:

Today's the day where we (those of us that want to) post 5 things that have made us
Just plain ol' happy this week!

And then you link back to Keely, of course. (whose blog I just discovered via this meme).

And here's my five.
  1. So I feel kind of like a fraud for being excited about this, but THE FLYERS ARE MAYBE GONNA GO TO THE STANLEY CUP WHAT. Being Matt's girlfriend basically necessitates becoming a Flyers fan, so I've started to really warm up to the sport over the years. The playoffs have been really fun to watch, and it feels weird to suddenly be a sports fan, but the more I think about it, the more it's just another branch of geekdom. At least that's how I'm going to look at it.
  2. Ever since I started listening to Book One of Harry Potter on audiobook in the car, I actually look forward to driving around. I haven't re-read any of them in years, and I've forgotten so many of the details and how straight-up good it is. It's honestly like I'm reading the series for the first time.
  3. My Very Geeky Friend from the library just turned me on to Fables. I really love fairy-tale retellings and anything having to do with inserting characters from mythology and classical literature into modern-day settings, and from what I can tell so far, that's what Fables is all about. So I'm really excited. Also, same Very Geeky Friend invited me to her weekly True Blood/Buffy Night -- it starts in June when season 3 of True Blood starts ... so I have until then to get completely caught up on the series, I guess...
  4. I have one sentence (...fragment): Neil Patrick Harris guest starring on a Joss Whedon-directed episode of Glee. Ultimate win.
  5. I found out that I got an award from the awesome Nikki of City Soliloquy! Thanks Nikki, if I could give it back to you, I would. I'll be passing it on to 5 more bloggers tomorrow. Hooray for spreading the love!


  1. Hey, Melissa!

    I can't comment on sports, I'm really not a sport fan... However, Harry Potter is a whole 'nother story! I wish I could forget details about HP... But I have a (slight) photographic memory. So I can read, watch, etc. something once and remember almost everything... It's kinda sucky!!!

    Also, Neil Patrick Harris is awesome! I also love that he's gay. ^_^

    And congrats on your award!!!

  2. Ok I had to comment on #3 and #4 because they are so awesome - ok, first of all True Blood is like the best show ever and I can't wait for S3 to start!! And Tuesday's episode of Glee with NPH was also quite awesome. He is perfect to guest on that show because he's so hilariously cheesy! I didn't know Joss Whedon directed it?! Uh, awesome! Buffy was like my favourite show back when it was on. Hope you have a good weekend, chicky!

  3. @Angie - I have always thought of photographic memory as Real Life Superpower! It sucks, though, you say?

    @Kim - "Hilariously cheesy" pretty much sums up Glee's whole appeal, doesn't it? Still, I love it.

  4. Glad things are going pretty well for you! Fables sounds awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fairy tale retellings!

  5. @Sadako - I'm beyond obsessed with Fables right now. I figuratively ate the first volume and am currently hounding Very Geeky Friend for the second one.

  6. You're welcome lovely. Very well deserved, your blog has been rocking since its conception *mad applause* <3 and inspiring/bringing the positive vibe.

    Buffy was my fave. I remember my brother buying the videos of the first 3 seasons. Aww, such memories.

    Ha, one of my friends was converted to liking the Vancouver Canucks even though she had zilch interest in ice hockey before she met her love but now she really enjoys it and gets into it. I think the longer you follow the more genuinely interested you get so it becomes a joint passion.

  7. Nikki - I never knew how much of a sports person I could be until I was literally forced to care, haha! Seriously though, I agree that it has become one of those joint passions that strengthens our relationship. Good point!