Friday, May 14, 2010

don't you want to ring the bell?

Matt and I are taking a trip this weekend for our third anniversary. There's going to be brewery-touring and sculpture garden-traversing and delicious food-eating and bubble bath-taking and THIS:

That is the Martin Coryell House, a B&B in Lambertville, NJ where we'll be spending the night in what appears to be absurd amounts of comfort and luxury. I admit that I'm somewhat worried that this will be like that episode of Gilmore Girls where they get lost on their US road trip and end up at this B&B that Lorelai's friend used to own but got taken over by a crazy cat lady named Ladawn. 

Also, my friends K and K from college went to a B&B in the Catskills for their anniversary, and they told me it was extremely harrowing and scary because it was like a creepy little cabin in Deliverance-type woods that was seriously COVERED in pictures of little Rip van Winkle men. 

So! Based on those impressions, I'm just a little wary. But mostly I'm just excited that Matt and I get to stay in such a nice place for our anniversary. 

Anyone with similar (or, perhaps, more positive) B&B experiences is definitely welcome to share them. People, I need to know whether we're doing the right thing or if we should go ahead and skip it, maybe book a night at the Marriott instead.

In any case, I'll be back soon with plenty of pictures and hopefully nice things to say. Have a great weekend, everyone, and DFTBA.