Thursday, October 28, 2010

this is halloween this is halloween

I probably won't have time for a post before Halloween, so I decided to pre-emptively say:

Happy Haunting! Hope you get to show off a sweet costume and eat way too much candy!

If you were curious, here's my game plan for Halloween weekend:

Buy some stage makeup and liquid latex and make some fake blood
Hair test run
Fake bloody gashes test run
Make Fruity Oaty Bars to bring to the party on Saturday (which, if you will recall, is a Whedonverse party)

Work (I'm dressing up as Cho Chang) (Shame on you if you don't know who that is. SHAME.)
Reaver Costume Suit-up Montage 
Get trashed @ Jewel's

Recovering with scary movie marathon
Trick-or-treat patrol! AKA the best part of Halloween.

And, finally, here's a costume update. I was using this actual movie costume as a reference:

Since then I've been basically obsessed with replicated this costume piece-by-piece. I wasn't having much luck until my friend who is into lolita and morigirl (both are Japanese fashion subcultures) talked me into looking for some stuff online. 

I picked this black skirt on eBay because it has an asymmetrical, rumpled look that matches the picture pretty well:

I'm wearing it high on my natural waist with a cinch belt that has some metal details to give it a bad-ass corseted feel. I'm a little worried about this skirt, actually, because I ordered it in a rush and failed to notice that though it's a size 8, the waist measurement is about 2 inches smaller than my measurements. AND the seller's comments say, "NO stretch in waist. Do NOT exceed waist measurements." Oooops. Guess I'm gonna have to suck it in.

And to then I found this awesome gray capelet:

I just got it yesterday and it is so awesome. I am really tempted to take some pictures of me wearing it with the hood up, wielding a bloody weapon... but I'll wait until after Halloween so you can get the full effect. I will say that the picture was misleading because it looks like it would have bluey-brown taupe tones, but it's basically sweatshirt gray. And it's actually way too big (because it was made for a person who is 6'0'' and 50 lbs heavier than me). But I knew that when I ordered it. And it looks pretty damn cool regardless. 

So excited. 

Big listy re-cap to come sometime next week.

See you on the other side!


  1. Fun!! Can't wait to see pics of your costume!

  2. happy halloween! hope you have an awesome weekend. (make sure to take some time to watch carrie : )

  3. Looks like you will have so much fun this Halloween. Hope it is a good one!