Tuesday, May 25, 2010

five things: a very short dramatic play

Scene: A phone conversation

Our players: 
MELISSA, half-asleep and isn't so much holding the phone to her ear as much as she has the phone balanced on the side of her head. 
MATT, similarly delirious. 

MATT: I seem to remember a certain person saying they would write a five things post on their blog today.
MELISSA: Ummmm but I am le tired. Plus no one even reads my blog I don't think.
MATT: (mildly offended) *I* read your blog!
MELISSA: But you already know five things about me. You already know ALL of the things about me.
MATT: That's not true. I could stand to know five more things.
MELISSA: (pregnant pause)
MATT: C'mon....
MELISSA: Ugh ok I will tell you five things FINE:
  1. I like cats,
  2. dogs
  3. rabbits,
  4. ....ka... kangaroos, and
  5. um, babies.
MATT: Whoa, I didn't know you liked kangaroos.
MELISSA: Yeah I like them! They're cute. They hop all around and stuff and keep their babies in pockets?
MATT: Kangaroos are douchebags! They kick people in the face.
MELISSA: Oh...then I don't like them anymore. I changed my mind; I like ... fish. 
MATT: What kind of fish?
MELISSA: .....blue fish.
MATT: .... it's time to go to bed, isn't it?
MELISSA: zzzzzzzzz.


  1. Haha, I read your blog too!!! :P

    And I'm happy to see cats as number 1. ;)

  2. Well you know i read! So that's 3 of us at least..plus the 18 other followers you have and countless others that drop by!

    At first, on glancing at this post as i scrolled down to read the previous one, i thought that picture was of you asleep on a cupboard but on closer inspection, it really isn't, is it! Ha!

  3. @Angie - Matt is NOT a cat person at all, I'm trying to remedy that. I WILL have the green-eyed black cat of my dreams!

    @Michelle - Thanks for the support :)

  4. *puts hand in air*
    Count me in as one of your blog readers!! I'm sure there are plenty more who will come out the woodwork when they aren't scared to comment but till then they will marvel at the wonder of your posts in silence.

    Haha awesome - I will have to remember that kangaroos are douchebags that kick people in the face. I LOL'd :)

    I sure hope you get the black cat with emerald eyes, he sounds enchanting and mystical.

  5. Nikki - I did some research and found out that kangaroos actually DON'T kick people in the face. Sorry for spreading a false rumor, oops! Blame Matt for being such a convincing liar.

    I hope I get my mystical cat as well :)

  6. I read your blog! Maybe 2 weeks late, but I always get there eventually :)

    Love the picture, and I have to say that I like kangaroos! They're cute, and how could you not love Kanga and Roo from Winnie the Pooh??