Wednesday, April 28, 2010

shake it up and down

One thing you should know about me is that I spend nearly all of my free time with my boyfriend Matt, and I'm not particularly ashamed to admit that. I mean, I'd love to divide my time evenly between my friends and my boyfriend, but I don't get to see my BFFs on a regular basis, because one of them lives in Queens, one of them lives in Hartford, CT, and one of them is a first-grade teacher and therefore has no life. It's sad because we all used to live 8 minutes from each other and some of my best memories were made possible by this proximity. But that's another post.

Anyway, Matt and I are usually pretty boring. We're always having a blast, but from an outside perspective you probably wouldn't think so. We wouldn't make for very good reality TV, is what I'm saying. 

Sometimes he comes over and we do couples stuff like go out for dinner or ride bikes or sit in a Starbucks and discuss whether we prefer the Marvel or DC universe. 
Sometimes we stay in and watch Mythbusters or a movie or try to get through as many episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion as we can before I fall asleep (I actually like NGE... but that's another post). 
Sometimes we end up spending 3 1/2 hours doing quizzes on Sporcle, my absolute favorite procrastination tool. Once we did one where you have to name all the Generation One Pokemon characters, and we got all of them except two. #thatkindofgeek
Sometimes I realize I needed to upload and edit some pictures and I do that for 40 minutes while Matt watches hockey (alternately, sometimes we watch hockey together). 

But yesterday my sister Melanie joined us. Mel is basically like a perfect clone of me. We have the same face and body type, the same voice, even disturbingly similar personalities. Our only difference is that my boobs are bigger and more luscious and appealing than hers.

But my point is that when my sister, Matt, and I get together, everything is way more hilarious. For instance, Matt and I had played Super Mario Wii before, and we'd had a good time marveling over the game and taking it extremely seriously. Here's a sample of quotes from those nights, to give you an idea of the mood:

Wow, this level is really fun. 
I love how faithful they were to the original game.
What are Goombas supposed to be?
I wonder why we haven't found any Warp Zones yet.
etc., so on.

But last night Mel played too. Now I'll share the quotes that were generated from that event. 

The "Anyone Listening Who Didn't Know What We Were Doing Would Be Confused" ones:
It'd be nice if it were the end of the world, but it's not.
::Gasp! It is! It IS the end of the world!

The "Penguin" series, which there were many of, since we were in the ice level:
It's impossible without being a penguin, don't you agree?
It's never a penguin when you need it to be.
I don't think he needs to be a penguin here.

And my personal faves, the "That's What She Said" ones:
Awww, you forgot to be big.
Oh! Shake your thing up and down. Shake it up and down. There you go. 
Yay! Now you can beat it even more!

So I guess the moral of this story is, hooray for sisters. And hooray for video games. And hooray for quotes taken out of context. All of those things make life a little more awesome.


  1. No worries, my boyfriend and I are together all the time too.

    And SUPER MARIO WII? :o! I love that game, like, beyond love. I was so excited when I finally beat it, LOL!

  2. Sporcle is a great procrastination tool. I love realizing what I know (or don't know). Figured out I'm bad with names.

  3. I'm the same way with my boyfriend. But instead of Sporcle, we play Scrabble.

    I really love your blog, can't wait to read more from you.

  4. As I'm sure you can tell, that's how Hub and I are all the time. I love it! I often wonder what a conversation would sound like from an outsider out of context...

    We sit around and talk about comics or Joss Whedon or movies. Or food. We're horrid coffee geeks, too!

  5. @Becca - You beat Super Mario Wii?! I can barely make it past the first world without having to make Matt step in and beat every boss for me!

    @Ronnica - I totally know what you mean. I'm shit with geography and countries. I can't do state capitals or countries of the world to save my life. However, I am particularly good with song lyrics.

    @Amber - Even though I'm a word nerd, I suck at Scrabble. I'm really good at Dirty Scrabble though!

    @Kara - I love it, too! I definitely wouldn't trade my nerdy love for anything :)

  6. Wow, Melissa! I love this post in SO MANY WAYS.

    #1. YES for more couples spending their free time together. I always say Jen and I live, work and play together because it's true and I get this face "o.O" especially from other couples.

    #2. YAY for doing stuff like video games, watching TV, etc. We're the same way. Also, Myth Busters FTW!!!

    #3. Neon Genesis Evangelion? Really? Lady, you are scaring me. That anime rocks. Years ago, I nicknamed myself Rei because of her and now it is one of Jen's pet names for me. Do you watch any other anime?

    #5. Those quotes are hilarious! I especially love the "that's what she said" ones. :P

  7. hahaha speaking of pokemon, I remembered I was in the car with my friend and all of the sudden I said "did you know there are over 400 different pokemon now? It was very random but I guess it popped up because I watched a couple kids a few nights before they were talking about all these new pokemon. But anyways me and my friend went over all the generation one pokemon too back when it came out I believe when we were in 6th grade...

  8. Hooray for sisters, indeed! I'm going to go pick mine up at the airport today - as well as my fabulous little niece. This post was a lovely way to start the day.

    PS - you and your boyfriend: stop being so damn precious!

  9. @Angela - I've watched Cowboy Bebop (we're going to get a Corgi and name him Ein) and made it through some of Dragon Ball (it was Matt's favorite TV show of all time when he was a teenager). Also I used to watch Sailor Moon, like, religiously. I'm just starting to really warm up to anime, though, I hope to watch a lot more soon.

    @nurhogirl Oh man, I'm always making random, out-of-the-blue comments like that, and my friends are like "you're gonna have to walk me through the train of thought that led you to decide that was a relevant comment." But seriously, 400 Pokemon? At this rate, we'll never catch 'em all!

    @Caveman Thanks. Unless you're being sarcastic. In which case ... boo on you.

    @Juniper Thanks! Sisterhood rocks. And re: bf/gf preciousness- we'd stop if we knew how but it's just second nature :P

  10. I think the Caveman guy is a spammer. I got the same comment on one of my posts. :(

  11. I loved watching Pokemon when i was younger but never got into the game playing itself. My all-time favourite was Jigglypuff - is Jigglypuff still around??

    Also, 'that's what she said' - Craig (my man-shape who i haven't blogged about yet) says that to me all the time. I don't know if it's his dirty mind or mine! Either way, those types of comments are hilarious!

  12. Oh oh my all-time favorite Pokémon was Vaporeon (the unevolved form of Eevee? - the depths of my mind astonish me something) because I liked that part cat and fish thing, he/she/it had going on!

    Me and my boyfriend are very much the same, spending a lot of time together. We love nerding out and watching MythBusters....and my new favorite - Deadliest Warrior, and me arguing that Spartans own Ninjas. Spend an unhealthy amount of time in coffee shops. Today we were really geeky and watched Cosmic Collisions on Discovery, he's an astronomy buff so I kept bugging him with questions about gamma blasts and the chances of asteroids hitting the earth.
    He really is my best friend, and it reminds me even more so now I'm in a different country miles from my Uni and school friends so I can't divide my time anymore :(. The new friends I've made so far don't really get the 'spend lots of time with my boyfriend' thing. Especially when we do nerdy science dates like dinner...and then going to see the Bodyworlds exhibition. Romance right? But like you guys, I wouldn't change our mutual nerdiness for anything :)